Assistant Professor of MathematicsTrinity College    July 2019 – present

Assistant Professor of Mathematics – Western New England University   Aug. 2017 – July 2019

Harold L. Dorwart Visiting Assistant Professor – Trinity College   July 2014 – June 2017

Postdoctoral Researcher – University of Johannesburg   May 2014 – Aug. 2014


Ph.D.   Clemson University, Clemson SC         Advisors: Wayne Goddard (Clemson) and Douglas F. Rall (Furman)

MS       Texas State University, San Marcos, TX      Advisor: Diana Gu

BS        University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX


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Publications with Students

  1. C. Cooper and K. Wash. t-tone colorings in the Cartesian productCongressus Numerantium (2017)
  2. A. Fong, J.P. Georges, D. Mauro, D. Spagnuolo, J. Wallace, S. Wang, and K. Wash. On the zero-sum group-magicness of Cartesian productsInvolve, Vol. 12: 1261-1278 (2019)
  3. J. Loe, D. Middlebrooks, A. Morris, and K. Wash. 2-tone colorings in graph productsDiscuss. Math. Graph Theory, 37(4): 873-890 (2017)
  4. J. Brown, A. Hasmani, L. Hiltner, A. Kraft, D. Scofield, and K. Wash. On the computation of all characteristic p extensions of a p-adic field of a given degreeRocky Mountain Math Journal, 45 No. 1 (2015)

Undergraduate Research Advising

2022: I advised Alex Domat in his summer research project. We studied the grundy domination number and loop zero forcing number of particular graph classes. 

2020/2021: I advised Div Gaur’s senior thesis titled Power domination in cubic graphs

2018/2019: I advised Henry Wix’s senior thesis titled Applications of Integer Programming: Graph Domination and RK Puzzles.

2016/2017: Jack Wallace did an independent study on Algebraic Geometry and formulating combinatorial problems in the context of Algebraic Geometry. I also advised Catherine Cooper’s senior thesis on $t$-tone colorings in the Cartesian product of graphs.

Summer 2016:  My research advisees were Jacqueline Kromasch and Shriya Nagpal. Jacqueline studied using PCA, LDA, and k-means clustering to identify common manufacturing sources among 82 counterfeit pharmaceutical pills. Shriya’s project was on improving upon the class of graphs that satisfy Vizing’s Conjecture. Shriya presented her work at MathFest and won the Cur Award for her presentation.

Summer 2015:  My research advisees were Yaoqi Guo and Asa Tenney. Asa studied domination in the hierarchical product of graphs. He presented his work at MathFest and won an Outstanding Presentation Award.

Summer 2013: I was a research advisor in the Clemson REU in Combinatorics, Computational Algebraic Geometry, and Number Theory. My group studied 2-tone colorings in graph products. The students presented their work at the Southeast REU Conference. 

Summer 2012: I was a graduate student mentor in the Clemson REU in Combinatorics, Computational Algebraic Geometry, and Number Theory. My group studied classifying local fields of characteristic p. The students presented their work at the Southeast REU Conference.                                                            

Honors and Awards

  • Slovenia/USA Bilateral Research Grant 2016 – present
  • Waitlisted for an AMS-Simons Travel Grant 2015
  • AWM Travel Grant March 2015 and June 2017
  • Professional Enrichment Grant, Clemson University, April 2013

  • AMS Travel Grant, March 2013

  • Professional Enrichment Grant, Clemson University, January 2013

  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, May 2012


  • Program Chair for the MAA Northeastern Section Meeting hosted at Trinity Fall 2016
  • Organized department colloquium for the math majors at Trinity
  • Advised two senior theses Spring 2017 at Trinity and currently advising a senior thesis Fall 2018 at Western New England University
  • Volunteered for all curriculum meetings regarding the Calculus sequence while at Trinity